Hugo MN

Hugo is located in Washington County 20 minutes north of the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

The town has been continually growing over the last decade and now has a population of over 14,000 citizens. Hugo attributes this growth to careful planning, its strong community engagement, and the amenities that make Hugo a wonderful place to live.

Transportation to and from Hugo is easily done with Hyw. 61 and I-35E. These highways connect Hugo to the nearby areas including the Twin Cities.

Residents can easily explore the outdoors by visiting one of the 17 parks that encompass over 380 acres. These parks allow for many activities including biking, canoeing in one of the lakes, cross country skiing, and so much more.

With high amounts of open space in the surrounding area, hunting and fishing are also popular in Hugo. There are parks near each residential neighborhood and each area is connected through an extensive sidewalk and trail network which creates a feeling of community amongst the residents. There are several community events that occur regularly throughout Hugo including: the Tour de Hugo, Good Neighbor Days, and many more. The city of Hugo promotes a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle for anyone who lives or visits there.

Hugo is not only a beautiful place to live, but also the perfect place to start a new business or open up another location. With the drastic residential growth that the city has seen, a successful commercial and retail market has emerged. This has brought many new businesses and services to the area to be utilized by the community.

Members of Hugo have found that the city has everything you need for starting a new business while having relatively low tax rates. Hugo has focused its efforts to continually improve its infrastructure and prepare the city for further economic growth.

These reasons make Hugo the perfect place to grow a business while living in a pristine, open, and vibrant neighborhood.

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